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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time flies... when you're having fun!!

So... Miss Addy is 8 MONTHS old now!!! How crazy is that!! ( She still has no teeth, we joke that we are going to have to get her dentures when she turns *1* ) She is now in a big girl car seat, and she is crawling and into everything!! She is pulling up and will be figuring out how to walk before we know it!!
The cutest little girl I know!!
And we are starting to get LOTS of bumps and bruises on our noggin!! :(

We have been fairly busy!! I am now in school (it's awesome!) and I go every Saturday, which is extremely convenient.  And during the week, between studying, I am searching for new and cool crafting ideas.  I can spend so much time on here just looking at everyone's new creations!! I have also been practicing on my sewing!!! I can honestly say, that .... I LOVE IT! Although, Addy doesn't give me much time to do it.
Here are the matching dresses that I made for my Dad's wedding... All the grand kids looked sooo cute!!!

Bronson has been staying pretty close to home... and we couldn't be happier!! We love to have him home every night. OH .. by the way.. I am LOVING this fall weather!! I love having our windows up in the house and enjoying the breeze!    Hope everyone is doing well!!
  And if this doesn't make you smile... I don't know what could!! :))

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