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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The past few months :)

So I have been MIA lately, because we live in the sticks and our internet really stinks!!! HA! However, we have been pretty busy and growing like a weed!!! As for Bronson and I, we are so happy!!! Addy has brought just that much more joy into our lives!! No one ever told us how fun this would be!!! He has been staying pretty close to home for more than one reason.  His dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in June and he has been taking Chemo and Radiation treatments.  Not really sure how this will all turn out but we have faith and pray that he will be just fine :).
 Also, Addy has been having quite a few doctors appointments lately.  Of course, I think my last post was when she was sick with a UTI and had to be hospitalized.  She was 2 months old then, and it was very ... scary to say the least.  I blamed my self in many ways, even though the doctor told me that it was nothing that we were doing, and that she was just prone to it at that time.  Well, at her 4 month check up... she had ANOTHER one!! (As you can imagine.. I was not a very happy camper!) So they changed her antibiotics and we went on our merry way.  At her 6 month check up, they checked her urine and it was clear however, the doctor wanted us to see a Urologist in Memphis.  We proceeded to do so and on the 30th ( this past Tues. ) we had major testing done.  She had to be put to sleep, and they inserted a tiny camera in her bladder and performed an exploratory procedure, and they also inserted dye to see if it would go anywhere and where it would go. RESULTS... She has Stage 1 Kidney Reflux.  It's good and bad news.  They rate it on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the worst.  So good news, it's the least amount.  Bad news... nothing we can do but her grow out of it.  She is on a low dose antibiotic for precautions, and we go back when she is a year old to have more testing done, to see if she is growing out of it.
Not a care in the world :) 

Daddy's girl

In the mean time, I have been pretty busy myself :) I have started my crafts up again... and I must say, it makes me very happy!! My sister and I, have been making a lot of different things... Hair bows, taggies, dresses, diaper cakes, diaper wreaths, towel cakes, and some paintings.  Pictures....

Baby Boy Diaper wreath

 Pillow case dresses :)

Towel cake for Bridal shower

Hair bows

Hair bow/head band AND the cutest model ever!! 
This is just a few things that have been going on in our lives :) More to come!!!

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