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Thursday, September 29, 2011

*All About Daddy*

SO!!! I know sometimes we (mommies, wives, gf's, whatever you may... ) don't show enough attention to our Special Someone.. (Daddies, Hubbies, bf's.. ) so today, Addy and I are making it a "Daddy" day.. in hoping that he see's it lol!

Oh.. how i love this man!!! This was one of the happiest days of my life!! To know that I get to spend the rest of MY life with this amazing, wonderful, hard working man!!! Words CAN NOT express how thankful I am of this man!!

BUT.. do you see this little girl here?? Do you have ANY idea how much she LOVES her Daddy!!!!! Even before she was born, she would go crazy when he was around!! And now...
He is so wrapped around her tiny fingers!!! She is insanely crazy about him!!! When he comes in from work or being on the road.. the expression on her face is .. kinda tear jerking!! She looks at him like... "Daddy? is that really you? YAAAYYYYY!!!" And sticks her hand on his face to make SURE it REALLY is him!! (Definitely puts that little/big knot in my throat... EVERY time!!)

 I must say.. THIS was the HAPPIEST day of MY life!!! I seen a whole different person in him!!! He is truly an AMAZING daddy!!!
 She LOVES kisses from daddy!! (I think its the whiskers tehee)
We like waking Daddy up with LOTS of smiles and she tells him about her dreams :))

And I must say He LOVES her so much!! He jokes and says that he loves her more than Mommy.. I don't mind a bit ;)

 And this is what he does for a living. He works out on the road ..A LOT.. and works in Rain/Sleet/AND snow!!! But he hardly ever complains.  And he does this and works super hard so Addy can have everything she needs and most of what she wants!! He is tired A LOT, but we try to keep him happy and stay up beat all of the time.  We also try to tell him and show him how much he is appreciated and LOVED!!! He is one amazing man and WE couldn't be happier to have him apart of our lives!!

 WE LOVE YOU OH SO DEARLY!!!! And thank you for everything that you have done, that you do, and that you will do!!!
Thank you LORD for this amazing, wonderful, hard working man!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time flies... when you're having fun!!

So... Miss Addy is 8 MONTHS old now!!! How crazy is that!! ( She still has no teeth, we joke that we are going to have to get her dentures when she turns *1* ) She is now in a big girl car seat, and she is crawling and into everything!! She is pulling up and will be figuring out how to walk before we know it!!
The cutest little girl I know!!
And we are starting to get LOTS of bumps and bruises on our noggin!! :(

We have been fairly busy!! I am now in school (it's awesome!) and I go every Saturday, which is extremely convenient.  And during the week, between studying, I am searching for new and cool crafting ideas.  I can spend so much time on here just looking at everyone's new creations!! I have also been practicing on my sewing!!! I can honestly say, that .... I LOVE IT! Although, Addy doesn't give me much time to do it.
Here are the matching dresses that I made for my Dad's wedding... All the grand kids looked sooo cute!!!

Bronson has been staying pretty close to home... and we couldn't be happier!! We love to have him home every night. OH .. by the way.. I am LOVING this fall weather!! I love having our windows up in the house and enjoying the breeze!    Hope everyone is doing well!!
  And if this doesn't make you smile... I don't know what could!! :))

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Addy is CRAWLING!!!

So... Yay! Addy is crawling!!!! :)) She has been working on it for a few weeks now and this past Sunday she did it!!! She didn't realize what she was doing but ... She now KNOWS :))) How exciting!! She is growing so fast!!! I will try to add a video of her soon :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

For Fun :)

Okay.. Football season is here!!! WOOOOHOOOO!! I personally love this time of year :)) So for a little fun, I am sharing these, Priscilla Cook Photography did an amazing job!!


The past few months :)

So I have been MIA lately, because we live in the sticks and our internet really stinks!!! HA! However, we have been pretty busy and growing like a weed!!! As for Bronson and I, we are so happy!!! Addy has brought just that much more joy into our lives!! No one ever told us how fun this would be!!! He has been staying pretty close to home for more than one reason.  His dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in June and he has been taking Chemo and Radiation treatments.  Not really sure how this will all turn out but we have faith and pray that he will be just fine :).
 Also, Addy has been having quite a few doctors appointments lately.  Of course, I think my last post was when she was sick with a UTI and had to be hospitalized.  She was 2 months old then, and it was very ... scary to say the least.  I blamed my self in many ways, even though the doctor told me that it was nothing that we were doing, and that she was just prone to it at that time.  Well, at her 4 month check up... she had ANOTHER one!! (As you can imagine.. I was not a very happy camper!) So they changed her antibiotics and we went on our merry way.  At her 6 month check up, they checked her urine and it was clear however, the doctor wanted us to see a Urologist in Memphis.  We proceeded to do so and on the 30th ( this past Tues. ) we had major testing done.  She had to be put to sleep, and they inserted a tiny camera in her bladder and performed an exploratory procedure, and they also inserted dye to see if it would go anywhere and where it would go. RESULTS... She has Stage 1 Kidney Reflux.  It's good and bad news.  They rate it on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the worst.  So good news, it's the least amount.  Bad news... nothing we can do but her grow out of it.  She is on a low dose antibiotic for precautions, and we go back when she is a year old to have more testing done, to see if she is growing out of it.
Not a care in the world :) 

Daddy's girl

In the mean time, I have been pretty busy myself :) I have started my crafts up again... and I must say, it makes me very happy!! My sister and I, have been making a lot of different things... Hair bows, taggies, dresses, diaper cakes, diaper wreaths, towel cakes, and some paintings.  Pictures....

Baby Boy Diaper wreath

 Pillow case dresses :)

Towel cake for Bridal shower

Hair bows

Hair bow/head band AND the cutest model ever!! 
This is just a few things that have been going on in our lives :) More to come!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Addison has been sick :(

Addison has been diagnosed with a really bad case of Reflux :( We have changed her from beast milk, to formula, and have changed her formula 4 times!  We have also added rice cereal to her bottles, and she is on Zantac as well.  As far as her spitting up... it has improved greatly!!! However, she had started throwing up :( We thought it was due to her reflux problems and didn't think anything about it, especially because after she threw up, she didn't fuss.. well she never fusses!! She is such a happy baby that we never thought twice about her throwing up being due to anything other than her reflux.  Well we were sadly mistaken!!! We were getting ready to go to her 2 months check up and I knew she was running fever, so I didn't give her anything for it, because we were going to the doctor anyway.  We get there and her fever is 101.4, and we did not know that for 3 month olds and younger, their temperature can not be over 100.5.  If it is, then it causes for concern.  So because it was 101.4, we were sent to the hospital for extensive testing... spinal tap (meningitis), blood cultures, and urine cultures.  Her spinal tap and blood cultures come back normal, however, her urine culture did not.  She had E. coli in her urine, which means she has a Urinary Tract Infection.  As the doctor was telling us this, I was wondering.. How in the world??? Well, he informed us that, it's nothing that we have done, nor something we HAVEN'T done.. Its not the way we wipe her, not what we bathe her in... NOTHING! ( Still wondering.. HOW?? )
We naturally have E. coli in our bodies (intestines) and (MY PERSONAL OPINION) I think that when she has "runny" diapers, it gets in "that" area and as the doctor said, she was susceptible to getting an infection at that time.... Ok, understandable!
NOW,  we have to go through further testing, (as if she hasn't had enough, poor baby) We go Thursday for a VCUG, A voiding cystourethrogram, where they will insert a catheter and inject dye into her bladder and kidneys to look for (by X-Ray ) scarring from the infection, enlargements, or reflux. ( I didn't know you could have reflux in that area)
So her throwing up and running fever were clear signs of an infection... but we were putting it off as her reflux... I have been feeling sooooo guilty and like its all my fault for not knowing better!! But I am so glad that she is feeling better and getting better!! 
We are praying that our baby girl is ok and she ONLY has a UTI, and nothing more serious!!!

This is a picture of her in the hospital on day 2.. feeling A LOT better!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo Shoot of the Girls :)

Ashley and I have been so excited to do "photo shoots" of the girls.. and we FINALLY got the chance to do one :)) I think it was a HUGE success and I am sooooo happy of the turnout!! However, Sarah Lynne was not very happy at the time, so we didn't get many of her :( BUT more pictures are definitely to come :)

 My Favorite :)

 This is just too stinkin funny!!!

 So Sweet :)

 Happy baby :)

She has beautiful eyes!!

These are some of my favorites :) I think we did an awesome job!!